Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ravenna Park

I took my lunch to the Ravenna Park parking lot near where my mother lived as a teenager. I have pictures somewhere that I took there in 1968.

After eating I was ready to drive away but made myself get out of the car.

After walking over to the edge of the ravine I was ready to leave but made myself take a picture.

Then I made myself walk down into the ravine & take more pictures.

It was probably good for me. Cope list stuff.

The squirrel was for Chris.

I could have just come back home & taken more pictures of doorknobs, like this one from this morning.


Jan said...

Is this a test? I think I see the
squirrel on the tree...3/4 th's of the way up on the left. Yes?

Alan said...

I think you've got it.


Easier to see if you click on image for larger version.

Herman said...

I see the squirrel :)