Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Gallons More

Per Grandma Donnie, "what's just a sup within the cup is gallons more upon the floor."

A while ago I was sitting at the kitchen table, half dozing over the newspaper, when Webby and Archie started chasing each other from one end of the house to the other & back.

Quite wild & noisy, with much banging of furniture & knocking over the broom where it was leaning against the wall.

Then there was a very loud thump by the back door which stirred me from my stupor, since I couldn't imagine what could make such a noise.

Words fail me in describing what I saw as I came around the table:

When it is indeed a full gallon "within the cup" (or in this case their beloved large drinking jar) the "gallons more upon the floor" seem a veritable tsunami with successive waves following each other across the faux red tile "tidal flats."

Very dramatic, and even they seemed thoroughly amazed and chagrined.

I galloped off for old towels, in lieu of sandbags.

After we all settled down a bit, they seemed quite intrigued with the landscape of soggy towels and small puddles, and explored it at length and in detail.

After we settled down some more, naps seemed in order, for all of us, and they are napping still, as the towels recover in the washing machine.