Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Jo and I are constantly delighted with how well Webster and Archie get along. For two cats so dissimilar physically and in personality, they are turning into absolute buddies, even if Webster is still somewhat inclined to pull rank based on size and age.

Having last had two cats who didn't much more than tolerate each other, and earlier had a cat or two that hardly did that, it is so much fun to have these guys getting along. And they both get along so well with us, each in his own way. Both pull their claws when tussling -- whether with each other or us -- and both are gentle biters.

What a joy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


This morning Archie was licking the inside of the shower curtain.

That seemed at least mildly gross, and Jo was complaining that she had been unable to get him to quit -- he just came back if she threw him out of the bathroom.

I emptied a cup of water over the top of the curtain so it came down next to him.

Made a loud reverberant thud in the tub, and he landed in the hallway, cleaning himself in the middle of a surprisingly large wet spot.

He hasn't been back in there so far, but I'm watching.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Richmond Beach

Lately I have been making my King County Library run to Richmond Beach instead of Shoreline.

After I pick up my books I take them down to the bottom of the hill, where I can watch trains go by, as well as waves, seagulls, and ferries. Pretty nice.

I can also go to Richmond Beach Park and walk. The last time I did that, I saw a sea lion just off the beach.

Sunday, October 9, 2005


I have long wanted a Mignon metal construction set, a tiny (note the penny!) version of the Erector sets and Meccano sets that are much better known.

Unfortunately, others seem to covet them as well, and they were never very common

But last week I lucked out, and got a boxless, presumably incomplete set at a modest price.

Imagine my delight when it turned out that it actually is virtually complete - only a bent-wire crane hook and three (of 75) nuts are missing.

My luck may be due to it being an earlier, smaller set than those documented on Internet web sites - the apparently "missing" pieces were ones that had not yet been added by its manufacturer!

I've been in communication with a German expert and he seemed to be quite pleased with the information and instruction manual images I sent, and wants more. I need to scan the manual for him next.

Quite a treat. :)