Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Jo and I are constantly delighted with how well Webster and Archie get along. For two cats so dissimilar physically and in personality, they are turning into absolute buddies, even if Webster is still somewhat inclined to pull rank based on size and age.

Having last had two cats who didn't much more than tolerate each other, and earlier had a cat or two that hardly did that, it is so much fun to have these guys getting along. And they both get along so well with us, each in his own way. Both pull their claws when tussling -- whether with each other or us -- and both are gentle biters.

What a joy.


Kristen Gough said...

Alan, I love these photos of your cats. What a delight to see them enjoying each other! I had a pretty good laugh about the shower curtain licking. Thanks for posting this on your blog! Take care, Kristen

Kathryn P. said...

They are such sweeties. You are so lucky to have two that get along so well. Is that Mr. P I see in the corner, keeping them company as well?
Love you!

Alan said...


that be mr p


some luck with the kitties, but a lot of credit to your mom's choosing