Saturday, November 5, 2005

Kitties & Wedgits

Eliza & Levi have new kitties.

Calvin is orange.

Troy is gray.

They like Wedgits.


Eliza said...

Yah! Troy & Calvin made the blog!

Herman said...

oh what cute, darling little kitties. They are absolutely precious

And I am NOT mooshy.

going all soft over kitties is not considered mooshy :)

Herman said...

did you pose Calvin or did he stick his head through the wedgit on his own.

I want to pet them :)

Alan said...

Levi dropped the Wedgit over his neck. Second time. First time he started walking before i could get the camera out - I have a cuppla pictures of him walking with the wedgit hanging around his middle.


[you are one of the mooshiest people I know, kitties or not]

Eliza said... are welcome to come over & play with the kittens! :)
And some day if Alan comes over to visit the kitties during the day, you are welcome to join him (they would love to have someone to play with during the day).

Herman said...

not mooshy not mooshy not mooshy

... err.... and thanks eliza :)