Friday, October 3, 2008

Padilla Bay

Chris & I talk about day trips now & then, and occasionally manage to accomplish one. Our proposed destination for yesterday was Padilla Bay, East of Anacortes. My Laziness inspired the suggestion, since I could get Chris to pick me up on the way, and wouldn't have to drive & meet her someplace, or worse, drive myself home afterwards.

A primary factor in choosing where we go is providing opportunities for Schmoo to chase sticks and get wet.

Birdwatching was on the plan, but weather, tides, and perhaps being a bit early in the season tended against that.

When we saw these ducks out on the bay, my head first said "scoter," but I could only see poorly defined black silhouettes, and switched to "scaup." Out of laziness again, I didn't get out the binoculars but simply took a few pictures with intention of doing the identification when I got home. Surf Scoters.

Chris's favorite parts of the day were surely Schmoo's several attempts to come forward from the back seat to get in my lap.