Wednesday, April 28, 2010


When I posted yesterday about morning photography, I didn't have in mind quite as early as 2:00 am, which is approximately when I took the above picture.

But there I was wandering the house in the wee hours, and gazing out the back window, I wondered why the sky was so light & realized it was a full moon, and looked around for it.

Worth a picture.

I converted to black & white since as light as the sky seemed for that time of night, it still looked black to the camera, and sensor noise made the camera image look like a field of red, blue, and green dots, rather than the gray my eyes saw. We lost the pale flaxen yellow of the actual moonlight, but I still like the image.

For a more "morning" morning picture, I did the below after the sun came up.

In foograf yesterday, I posted about some experiments with the "plastic camera" look, and below is another experiment in that vein, this time with plastic wrap over the camera lens.

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