Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mothers Day

I took mom for a bit of a Mothers Day outing.

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We went East on i-90 to High Point (a bit past Issaquah) where we diverted to side roads via Preston, Fall City, Snoqualmie Falls, Three Forks Park, to North Bend. She particularly enjoyed the tree lined roads, the views of rivers and hills, and Mount Si - she was very impressed that Eliza and another young woman had climbed Little Si a few days before without male assistance or escort.

At North Bend we went to the recently remodeled Taco Time (it was closed for remodeling at the time of our last outing). She had a Fish Taco and some Mexi-Fries, dipping the latter in ranch dressing & salsa. She thought it was all wonderful, including the view of Rattlesnake Ridge.

From there we drove to the Cedar River Watershed Education Center, where the level boardwalks and paved walkways were an easy walk with great views of Rattlesnake Lake and the Rattlesnake Ledges.

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Leaving the Watershed, we went down and drove around the Riverrbend neighborhood, got back on I-90 to Hwy 18 for some alternate woodland scenery, to the Hobart-Issaquah Road for some more rural scenery, back on I-90 to Seattle, past the Sound Transit Light Rail facility with its fleet of parked light rail vehicles (streetcars), wandered through some backstreets of old industrial seattle, and back to Merrill.

Long day for me, and I still had to drive home. Maybe in another day or two I will have recovered.


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Herman said...


You went through the dumpy neighborhood of Riverbend? sheesh