Friday, May 8, 2009


A daytrip to the dry side of the mountains is a good therapeutic activity, as much as I enjoy the wet side. [Image: Nunnally Lake]

It is especially nice this time of year when so many flowers are in bloom, and the temperatures are not yet outrageous. [Image: Woolypod Milk-Vetch?]

I took a lot of pictures yesterday, some of signs to keep , many of flowers to identify later, many of birds, since what makes a good photo is frequently hit or miss. [Image: Nunnally Lake, Schmmozer]

Stilts near the intersection of Dodson Road and Frenchman Hills Road below was a lucky catch - note how the bird on the left has his head upside down, presumably to help swallow.

I am learning: getting out a book and trying to puzzle something out can be too much mental transition during a trip. Autism Spectrum Disorders often make transitions difficult and tiring. Rather than making yesterday even more draining, I took pictures of things I wanted to identify. In the next few days, I will go through books to identify the flowers from my pictures, one or a few at a time, then maybe come back here with another post of flower pictures. [Image: Wild Blue Flax?]

I thought this was going to be easy to identify ...

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