Saturday, May 2, 2009


Melvin helped me build a bridge for my Blockplay blog.

Usually he complains about not having a construction hat to wear but this time he was quite happy in his new flowered hat.


Jan said...

Melvin REALLY needs a hard hat for that kind of work.

Alan said...


I've looked.

Found some lovely candidates - but molded integrally with a doll's head.

Would involve some nasty surgery to remove.

Herman said...

Melvin "helped". hmm... his help is usually quite interesting.

He really likes that hat!

Alan said...


But I've had help before.

Jan said...

Yeah, brain surgery is not quite your forte`.

Eliza said...

I like that Melvin's hat is a flowered pirate's hat. Possibly the first ever. :)

Alan said...

Eliza -- Melvin keeps asking me if you are making him a hat. Do you know anything about this?