Wednesday, May 28, 2008


About three weeks ago, I posted here with a few turtle pictures and a few pictures of some attractive small red sprouts. Yesterday, I went back to Golden Gardens and took new pictures with my new camera, to try it's longer zoom and enhanced macro capabilities, both without having to resort to the accessory lenses necessary on the previous visit with the old camera.

My sister had suggested that the sprouts in that post were stonecrop (sedum), and she was indeed right, as could be confirmed by the blooms on the more mature plants I found yesterday (top). I was surprised to find the blooms purple, rather than the yellow of most varieties. There were other things catching my eye as well (left).

In the evening, I spent quite a while shooting around the yard. Mostly just trying to habituate myself to a variety of camera modes. It will take me a while to sort through all the shots up into the branches of trees, but here's a lichen.

It is a very fine camera.

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Alan said...

Yes, I realize that in many regards the newer images aren't as good as the older.

I went down to the beach after my dentist appointment, as a mental health activity, so wasn't putting much effort into it, just trying (and succeeding) to enjoy the activity.

Poorer time of day than I like to go. Too many people, terrible light.