Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Plug line

After a week or two of reading an Olympus digital camera forum, I decided it might be okay to participate. I've had head problems trying to participate in online groups in the past, so I am being cautious.

The other day a "challenge" contest was posted, which provides a theme and a deadline and a bunch of rules. I thought it would be interesting to see how I could do trying to meet the theme, which was "centered composition."

My result is above.

I kind of liked it. So even though the image quality from a nine-year-old 1.3 Mp point & shoot wasn't likely to stand up against what can be done with modern DSLRs, I decided it might do my head some good to submit it.

One of the rules is "member of the forum prior to start of challenge," but didn't define "member" -- I had registered prior to the cutoff, but hadn't posted yet -- but I decided the best way to find out was to send my submission in. If turned out not to be eligible, that would still give me the head benefit anyway, and practice in submitting for when I did become eligible. So off it went.

Along with the contest entries, there is also an exhibition page, for contributed images that fit the theme but fail to meet the other rules, or are beyond the single allowed entry. That is where my image ended up, since it turned out that "posting" is what was meant.

I don't think mine looks half bad among the other images, in thumbnail at least.

Dr S and I talked about photography and my camera choice a little bit yesterday, and he was very supportive and enthusiastic. Adult Supervision is necessary for that kind of purchase, so yesterday evening Jo and I talked it over and it looks like I will be getting an Olympus SP-570UZ soon.


Alan said...

Camera has been ordered ...

Herman said...

wow, you're getting a camera

must have been a good session with dr s

Alan said...

[happy dance]

Eliza said...

yah camera!!