Wednesday, March 5, 2008


The creamer is an old family piece. We had quite a bit of this pattern in the 1950s, of which I also have a few butter-pats and a cereal bowl. I think we may have a sandwich plate around somewhere too, Maybe under a plant.

Jo found the sugar bowl, sans lid, at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago.


That got me interested enough to track down that it is Louisville Stoneware, Harvest Pattern (sometimes known as Pear Pattern), and find a bunch of it on Ebay.

Yesterday I won a pair of mugs on ebay -- these still seem like the "proper" thing to drink cocoa from.

Most of what I see on Ebay doesn't grab me much, but it is fun to look at.

And it is something fun to look for in thrift stores. The bottoms of larger pieces have a "John B Taylor" signature in blue, while the smaller pieces just have a script "JBT."

Not something I want a lot of, but but great fun in small quantities.

Sometimes I say I was all but born in a pear orchard. Apple is closer to the truth, but hey, there were pears nearby.

There was also a pear tree on my grandmother's property on Vashon (actually she was on Maury Island & they are connected).

Pears are good things. (Pairs are too [waves at Jo].)



Herman said...

Oooo, fun!

Have you told me about being virtually born in an orchard?

pears are icky
don't know about pairs

hi jo (waves)

Alan said...

Big blizzard when I was born. My dad had taken my mom down to stay with the doctor's family in town rather than risk being snowed in.

Thus I was born in the Hood River hospital instead of an old farm house surrounded by orchards up in the Hood River Valley near Van Horn.

Most of the orchards were apple, but some were pear -- see the Van Horn link -- the place halfway along the road from the green arrow to the right edge is what ours was like - maybe it is the place.

The town of Hood River is down in the Columbia Gorge where the Hood River flows into the Columbia, and the Orchards are up the Hood River Valley toward Mount Hood, but spiritually the town sort of "feels" surrounded by orchards, and there are some across the Columbia, so ...

Alan said...

I should have included this Hood River pear link. :)

Herman said...


You're more autistic then me :P