Saturday, March 8, 2008

Friendship Pansies

Better known as Johnny-Jump-Ups or Violas.

When I was a kid, both my grandmothers had these in their gardens.

They were all over -- and for me, iconic -- at Beach Grandma's (Effie Whetstone) place on Vashon Island (actually Maury Island, but they are connected by an isthmus). She was the one that called them Friendship Pansies.

My Town Grandma's (Olga Winston) place at 70th and Palatine, had fewer, with just a scattering along the edges of some of the flower beds, but they were there and I welcomed them. When I called them Friendship Pansies, at least once she tried to correct me, but I wasn't buying.

A few years ago there was a nice batch in the parking strip of a place on Loyal Way that I often pass on walks, but last year they were a no-show -- weed elimination?

This year I will plant my own, in our own yard.

[It amuses me that the LillyMiller packet (bottom right) uses the same picture as the Ed Hume (top left). Lily Miller is a brand of Ferry-Morse (top right), while Ed Hume is a local (Puyallup) operation. I would prefer to think the seed packet photos are from their own plants, but I guess they just buy stock photos off the internet.]


kathryn said...

I planted my seeds yesterday! I put them in a big terra cotta pot and have it on the front patio - looking forward to seeing them come up! Much love.

Alan said...

I planted today.



Wasn't sure if I'd have another sunny afternoon any time soon.