Sunday, January 13, 2008

Moving right along

I had a fine & quiet Christmas, with snow in the afternoon and an after-dark walk on the beach, including the recurring solstice labyrinth. Great presents too: coin books for tracking my collecting, old weights and scales, and sugar-free chocolate. :)

My mother moved into assisted living between Christmas & New Years. Jo's Aunt Kathy died during the same days - she had been such an important part of Jo's life, and all of ours. Now everyone is madly trying to clear out two houses under deadline.

I have been enjoying playing with Southeast Asian herb weights ("Opium Weights") with their intriguing animal shapes - not only are they great for the typical Aspie stimming of sorting and lining up, but the heaviness and graduated weight progression boosts the sensory impact - some of the more conventional weight sets have been joining in. It will probably be a new Cope List entry soon.

It's been interesting confirming the correlation between types and levels of coin & weight activity and stress (complication of life?) level. Graduated steps there too.

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