Friday, April 20, 2007


A little while ago I posted a nice silk aloha shirt that I chose to wear for today.

But Chris is coming to have lunch & go to the beach, so once she was safely enroute and couldn't be checking my blog, I changed into this Shock & Awe (schlock & awful?) special.

Like most of us Aspies, Chris has some sensory issues ...

[chortle chortle chortle]


Eliza said...

Oh dear--hopefully Chris stuck around & didn't leave immediately upon arrival?
That's quite the patchwork shirt...and a familiar fierce look. I'm just used to seeing it when you're chasing after the cats (or me & Boo). :)

Herman said...

I just didn't look at him until he took the shirt off.

That shirt is just... wrong

Alan said...

She couldn't speak if the shirt was even in her peripheral vision -- just little mewly animal noises.

I changed back into the dark shirt pretty quickly.

We had good beach.


Herman said...

katie says it's not a hawaiin shirt it's a crazy quilt shirt.

I still think it's scary!!!

Alan said...

What did Ruby think?

Herman said...

it made poor ruby drool

Alan said...

Ruby was drooling because it made here yearn for a shirt like that.

When she is old enough to choose her own clothes, she will always choose bright colors and multiple patterns.

And you will be her favorite person to visit.

Herman said...