Saturday, May 20, 2006


A while back Jo won these letter tiles on eBay, and they finally arrived yesterday.

She was thrilled.

There are even more than she expected: about two quarts worth.

All through the evening she kept making spontaneous remarks that it would take me a moment to realize were in reference to the tiles.

Perseverating like an Aspie. :)

She had gotten a few identical tiles at an antique store quite a while ago, so they must have had reasonably broad distribution. We wonder what game they came from, or if maybe they were a classroom tool.

She says it is nice to have plenty -- and that is the first thing she spelled out.


Herman said...

I wanna play with them!

what fun :)

Eliza said...

I feel so lucky to have two of the "new" letter tiles on my beautiful anniversary card from Mama. :)

Kathryn P. said...

Those are so fun...they remind me of the set-up Mom did for Easter. :)