Friday, May 5, 2006

Deer Crossing

I went to North Bend in the morning, stretching my driving capacity to the limits.

Once there, Chris drove.

We took hamburgers to Three Forks Park, and ate by the side of the river just below where the North Fork and Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie come together.

Watched a merganser drift downstream, a dipper fly by, coal wade, geese explore.

Threw rocks in the river to hear the plonk or plink or plunk or sploosh.

Dozed in the sun, with Mt Si looming over us.

I tried to build a cairn of rocks on top of Chris, but it was too much work.

For a moment, a bit after that, I thought our solitude was not total, because if there was a dog swimming in the river a ways upstream, there must be people near it on the shore.

Then I realized that it was a deer crossing the river, and that another was following.

We watched them both for quite a while as they finished their crossing and moved along the riverbank.

[Both photos by Chris, with thanks]

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Alan said...

In the upper picture, you can see the difference between the water of the North Fork (left) and Middle Fork (right).

In the lower picture, the place where the deer crossed is in the distance, where the small point extends out into the Middle Fork from the left. The deer were crossing from the right, about two hundred yards from us, but still easily visible.

The upper picture extends to the left of lower picture, but taken from maybe twenty feet forward.