Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I think Webster has forgiven me for taking him to the vet this morning -- though I don't presume so far as to accept it lightly when I take him again in three to four weeks.

He got poked prodded, listened to, looked at, and peered into.

He got injected one two three times.

He got a microchip implanted.

I am particularly pleased with the microchip, since he desperately wants to go outside, but his history of having been a stray urges caution.

He is now napping on the couch, a cute little bundle of sweetness.

I am sure when he goes outside, he will perceive himself as a fierce stalker of birds. I imagine the birds flying off in gales of laughter - orange & white are not exactly camouflage coloring.


Eliza said...

Barney was at least camaflouge in dirty snow, but Webster doesn't have a chance!

Alan said...

we have a new cat
we call him webster lloyd
a name so hard to rhyme
you'd think we would avoid

Eliza said...

We have a new cat
His name is Webster Lloyd
He's friendly & cute
And rarely gets annoyed

Alan said...

how little you know him


he gets annoyed often, but fortunately gets over it almost immediately