Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I was off to Bellevue this morning, to pick up some kitty pictures at Kathryn's house. A coworker of hers is parting with a pair. Kathryn turned out to be home, so we got to visit for a bit before she had to leave.

From there, I went to the nearby labyrinth at Bellevue Unity Church. I often try to have a meditative theme for a labyrinth walk, and often it is some episode or period of my life that seems unresolved.

Recently I had watched the movie Gardens of Stone, and I am now about halfway through the book of the same title by Nicholas Proffitt.The central story is set at Fort Myer, Virginia, and Arlington Cemetary. I was stationed there myself shortly after the peroiod of the story, and many scenes and locations were familiar, so in today's labyrinth walk, I explored memories and emotional baggage from my time at Fort Myer. It ended up being probably the most inconclusive labyrinth walk I have done yet.

But it was still a good walk, and may still have been a good choice of themes. I doubt anything else could have succeeded with Fort Myer, the Vietnam war, and the whole era, so much on my mind.

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Eliza said...

Kitty pics? Are you going to post them? Sorry--I am eager to see, but I know I shouldn't get too excited, as Mom's decision is still undecided.

Alan said...


In order to post them, I'd need to have some way to scan the pictures.