Thursday, June 9, 2005


I'm at the Shoreline library.

As i got on I5 on my way out here, what was probably a Coopers Hawk flew accross the freeway. i was trying to merge into moderately heavy traffic at the moment, so didn't get to study it as well as I would have liked.

I clicked some of my ads. i don't think I can make much money doing that, but hey ... :)

I'm having trouble typing because this computer doesn't have sticky-keys, which i have now turned on (from the accessibility options menu) in my computer at home, and which is very similar to how the querty keyboard on my phone works.

I go now Dr S.


Eliza said...

Levi's is up to $4 now from his blog ads!
Sometimes they pick funny things to advertise by going off of certain posts.
When I put all my Honduras stuff up on the blog, all the ads were about bees for a couple days. :)

Alan said...

The "National Forest Trails" ad that's been showing up on mine is actually kinda cool. click on it, click on the "Trail Finder" tab, click on WA on the map, click on Rail-Trails. Good info, even without going for the maps. think I'll hold of on the free trial until I've got a good idea how to best utilize my 14 days though. And probably won't be able to go for the $49.95 per year subscription. sounds good though.