Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mug shot

So ... they made a hole my eye this morning & sucked some of the innards out, folded a replacement plastic lens in half, stuck it in through the hole & unfolded it.

No big deal.

Everything seems to have gone quite well.

Obviously that lumpiness covering my right eye is interfering with my glasses sitting properly, which is making computer usage and reading hard. That is aggravated by having the covered eye chipping in with a noisy grayness instead of just signing off for a while.

So I am playing with Wedgits.

Eliza brought me lunch, which we ate out in our picnic area. Very nice Vietnamese Sandwiches.

The purple R on my forehead may take a few days to go away, sort of an homage to Stephen Crane?

The patch comes off in the morning. It is a nuisance and I will be glad to be rid of it.

For the last week I have been doing eye drops in that eye four times a day - adding a second one a couple of days ago. Five minutes apart - which is just enough time for me to often lose track so it really seems like six or seven times a day.

Each time I put a drop in I am supposed to keep my eye closed for a minute afterward. If I get distracted I sometimes forget to open my eye for a few minutes.

I keep thinking I have just forgotten to open my eye again, but it turns out to be the patch.


It will all be better soon.

In the meantime: Wedgits.

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