Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A thousand and one ...

I've now taken over a thousand pictures with my new camera, since getting it May 21st.

This ship, taken from the pedestrian overpass at Richmond Beach Saltwater Park, is #1001.

The last picture of the morning was #1048, one of a bracketed triplet of this crow, which is #1046 - and actually the next to the last.

The camera takes bracketed triplets in the order middle-bright-dark but numbers them dark-middle-bright. The taking order makes sense, since the middle shot is most likely to be "right," and you may only hold the button down for one shot, not three. But it can make viewing the images in numerical order funny, with a moving subject (e.g. a train) jumping back then leaping ahead.

My thousand images include accidental button pushes, making images just to see how a
function worked, pictures of my toenails, and lots of semi-duplicates
because I held the button down in continuous-shooting mode, or bracketed shots.

But hey, that's an important part of getting to know a new camera with lots of options, and should continue even after I have 'learned everything' as I need to relearn what I have forgotten, and stretch the boundaries of what I thought I knew.

A couple more images are here.

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Herman said...

I like your photos