Tuesday, July 1, 2008


One of my favorite things about sunny mornings is how a spot of sunlight reflecting off some car windshield out on the street will be turned into ripples of light by the old glass in our front window.

I've often contemplated making a portrait of someone illuminated by this light, but the logistics are daunting - the illumination is brief and high up on the wall.

The other morning I grabbed an Alpenrose milk bottle - echoing the theme of "old glass" - and held it in a patch of the rippled light for some one handed trial shots.

Alpenrose was the dairy that delivered milk, in brown bottles similar to this one, to a box on our porch in Portland in the 1950s. It was also the dairy that we went to on field trips from Ockley Green Elementary School, as did school kids from all over Portland.

One option would be sandwiching two images, one a the light pattern such as this one, another of the subject. It wouldn't be hard to do in image editing software, but that doesn't appeal to me much.

And for Archie fans, here he is in a moment of liesure.

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Jan said...

Mmmm....Fangu Furry Much saith The Catlady.