Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Salt & Chocolate

Two months & change since I last posted here?

This morning I found myself with a salty mouth from having just eaten a handful of dry roasted peanuts (light salt), and with a yen to chase away the saltiness with chocolate.

"Salt & Chocolate ... what a great title for a blog post," I thought to myself.

So I wandered in here chewing on my Black Forest chocolate & raspberry cookie.

Chris's dog coal died, my dad was diagnosed with cancer, Jo's dad died.

In roughly that many days.

"Titles are misleading."

Too true.


Eliza said...

Knowing how all three--Coal, G-paw, & Grandpa Ed--enjoy(ed) treats, they would consider it a very fitting post.

Alan said...

I think maybe there are stirrings toward creating my own counterpart to a seder plate.

I have wondered before whether a place for chocolate might have been found, had they only known of it.

Surely there will be a place on mine for a chunk of cheese [you done good (((((hugs)))))].