Monday, May 7, 2007


It was sunny today, and if not as warm as Monday, it was still warm enough that I walked on the beach with no jacket. A long way from Waikiki, in miles and spirit, but mostly I'd rather be here, even if my shirt might have suggested otherwise.

As I have read about Aloha Shirts recently, however, my interest has been piqued in other things Hawaiian -- or maybe it was Hawaiian BBQ that started it all.

Whichever, I have been reading about Hawaiian history and culture, and almost thinking I might like to go there again.

In my online poking about, I ran across an interesting blog entry that has something to do with why one might choose to wear such a shirt.

Mostly though, the last few days had more to do with fischertechnik, with blocks and unblocks.

And no, I have never been to Hawaii, but many years ago, when reading books about Hawaiian railways, I once found myself almost thinking I might like to go there.

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