Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Kaleidoscope Image - Fiber Optic

I have to admit to a bit of false advertising here: What you see by eye doesn't look like the photograph!

In real life, the dots are colored against a black background. But the autoexposure function of my digital camera managed to make the dots white, and in doing so, surrounded each dot with an aura the color the dot should have been.

Eventually I may experiment with taking an accurate picture, but in the meantime, I think this is downright cool, so this is what I am posting.

This came off a peg at the dollar store, but actually cost $1.39. I wasn't terribly put out, and not at all disappointed when I opened it up and tried it out.

The image was made by removing the ampules from the X-Motion, stuffing the fiber optics into the object end, and wiggling things until the results looked good.

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