Sunday, May 22, 2005

Why this?

Why not?

I dunno?

ummmm ...

My first inspiration came when I found out I could post from my cell phone. I thought I could simply post boooooooooring stuff like where I am and when I expect to be home. Progress reports on outings. Stuff like that.

Then I thought "what the heck" -- maybe I'll post some pictures, too.

Maybe I'll actually Blog!

I reserve the right to delete anything for whatever cause.

This is my toy!



Jo said...

Just testing.

Eliza said...


Here's my whereabouts update:
Moved to Kenmore! Everything still in boxes--gotta find a place for it all, as well as get rid of some stuff. :)

We bought a new TV that fits our smaller living room much better. It's a 23" LCD Zenith Flatscreen--we are very happy with it & watched Star Wars Episode II last night.