Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Langus Riverfront Park

When I said "not much to see," that came out funny. I meant that we weren't seeing buildings or traffic or any city stuff. We were seeing birds and glimpsing an otter in the river, typically with a fish in its mouth.

There were some freeway sounds behind us and the bell and air bursts and bangs of a train switching across the river in front of us.

We walked quite a ways up the river, but had to turn back becasue I ha d forgotten to tuck some fruit chews in my pocket, and my blood sugar was obviously beginning to drop. We turned back to go get lunch, and shortly before getting to the car, saw deer on an island in the river.

Where the deer were.

If we had kept going, the trail would have led to Spencer Island, a well known spot for bird watching. Saw trains while walking, and cars and industrial activity, but still quite nice.

Everett Parks & Recreation


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