Wednesday, June 17, 2009


On my way back from Richmond Beach yesterday, I stopped at Carkeek Park for a little woods walking & peering into the creek.

Note the springboard notches in the stump.


Jan said...

OK, I give up....What's a Springboard Notch? (Gawd, I'm asking this of someone who once gave me a summary of Northwest Flora in these words: "The big ones are trees, the medium ones are bushes and the small ones are grass.")

Alan said...

Early loggers cut trees with long hand saws with a guy on each end. To avoid having to cut through the extra thickness where the cedars flare out well above the ground, they would cut notches in the tree and stick boards in the notches to stand on. The boards were springy, hence "springboard notches."


Herman said...

I like the pictures

And... well... the big ones are trees. :)