Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wet Sun

Seattle is famous for its rainy days. There are lots, and many folks find that regrettable.

My opinion has long been that the sun comes out almost every day. Maybe only for a few minutes, and often just after sunrise or just before sunset, but it does shine.

It is worth watching for.

Today it rained moderately for much of the day, and rained hard for most of the rest, but the sun came out for a few minutes in the evening, and I grabbed my camera and went out in the backyard to catch the moss & lichen on the apple and cherry trees, still wet with rain, illuminated by almost horizontal sunlight.


Herman said...



although.. I think sometimes out my way the sun really does get stuck behind the clouds the entire day

Alan said...

Silly wabbit.

I was writing about Seattle -- you don't live in Seattle.

That dawn & dusk effect is because Seattle sits between two mountain ranges, and the cloud cover frequently doesn't extend all the way to one or the other mountain range, so the sun peeks under on its way up or down.

You live within the edge of one of the mountain ranges, so if the sun tries to peek under the clouds the sunlight bumps into a mountain or a foothill before it gets to you.

Herman said...

you are soooooooooo aspie!!!!!!!!!!