Friday, March 6, 2009


This little seal suddenly popped up from behind rocks to the right as we were going by. Getting past us & back in the water seemed very, very important to him.


Alan said...

I keep thinking that sucker looks like a possum.

I thought that at the time, except when it looked at me.

It was awfully sweet looking.

Eliza said...

Fun, surprise encounter!

I still remember the seal in labor on the beach when Levi & I were backpacking the Lost Coast on our honeymoon. I almost tripped over her, she looked so much like a beach log lying there!

Harris said...

Hey Alan!

It's been awhile since I last visited "Kvack" and I wanted to add that it's always interesting (and fun) reading about the exploits and experiences of A.Winston and Company.

Cheers, old chap!

P.S. A possum is the one with the long, hairless tail and a smile on his face. ;)

Alan said...

We used to get possums in the backyard quite a bit. For a while I was trapping them and taking them down by the railroad tracks to hitch their ride home.

Once a guy wondered out of the blackberry bushes to see what we were doing. He seemed rather disappointed that I was releasing the possum into the brier patch rather than donating it to the cook pot.

Ugly, smelly, disgusting animals. Terrible personalities. Especially in the confines of a live-trap being carried to the car trunk.

Later I took to calling them "pissums" because of the effect they had on our cat Sidney, who would fling himself bodily against the slidy glass door to the backyard, yowling his frustration at being kept inside.

Haven't seen any pissums since Sidney's demise -- maybe they know? -- but still almost wrote "pissum" instead of "possum" in my comment above.

You can have them. ;)

Good to hear from you though. :)