Saturday, March 25, 2006

Rugs and buttons

Jo and I were at my parents yesterday evening, to enjoy a dinner prepared by my brother and his wife. While I was there, I took pictures of the oriental rugs, with particular attention in this one, which was in front of the fireplace when I was a wee tyke in Portland, and which provided what I considered a highly satisfactory play area.

A recent discussion of buttons reminded me of the old family button box that my great grandfather made in 1921.

Note the reversable lid. I'm sorry that the contents, which I remember as being wonderful, are no longer worthy of a photograph. It seems that a large percentage of the buttons have wandered off, but perhaps it is my memory that is at fault.


Eliza said...

I remember having great play time on that oriental rug also. :)

Funny that you should write about the button box...that piece is one of my most favorite things in G-maw & G-paw's house. I remember admiring it as a little girl & sifting through the buttons inside, while G-maw told me the history of it. I was allowed to take a few buttons, which I still have. It's too bad that many of the buttons are gone. I have memories of it being full of unique buttons--wood & metal & horn buttons, which felt so nice to sift through your fingers.

I have quite a large box of interesting & different buttons that I have collected from work. I should finally bring the box home & share it with you.
Perhaps someday the old family button box will be passed on to our family & we can fill it up again with all the cool buttons I have been collecting. :)

Alan said...

I'd like to see your buttons.


Kyra said...

That is very cool looking!