Friday, September 16, 2005

Slot cars

I set up a slot car track on the floor.

Webster did better than Archie, who didn't figure out soon enough that he needed to get off the track.

I had a long straight from the front door to just past the stove, then some serpentine loops around about the kitchen.

Archie tried to escape a car by running down the track instead of off it, and the car bonked him. Car flew one way, Archie another.


Then he fled to basement & stayed down there quite a while.

Webster watches the cars and sometimes runs after them, but stays off the track.

Later, when the cars weren't running, Archie would creep up on them (walking on the track, or course) and sit and study them.

When I ran the cars again, he would disappear.

I gave him some cuddles to make things less awful.

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